AFLOBEXPRESS is a multivendor food delivery web app aimed at being the best possible platform to link majorly food vendors to a lot of potential customers. In today’s world, consumers prefer the pleasure, ease, and comfort of getting whatever they want at the single tap of a button. It is our belief that only the best can deliver!

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Our Vision is to be the best possible platform to link food vendors to a lot of potential

customers while keeping both parties satisfied and happy.

What do we offer? AflobExpress will provide you support if you have any problems, our support team will reply within a day and we also have detailed documentation for any Query.

Fast Delivery Service

With our already existing delivery agency giving priority to our AFLOBEXPRESS customers we deliver the meals they love intact, clean, and fast. On the other hand, our vendors can sit, relax and trust us to deliver customers orders.

Large Customer Base

Having exciting dishes cutting across local and intercontinental from different vendors also easy to navigate, and accessible to all guarantees a web of happy customers.

Titillating Dishes

Our platform offers a wide variety of meal likes Soups, Salads, Snacks (a great choice for soccer nights or when working late), Meat (chicken, beef, and turkey), Pasta, Rice, Grains, and Swallows are all from your favorite vendors.


You can bank on the AFLOBEXPRESS food security system that assures the security of every meal purchased by our customers till it gets to them.


We at AFLOBEXPRESS ensure an easily accessible platform for both the vendors and the customers. It’s a full-proof plan to bring all food consumers and their favorite vendors into one umbrella.


Vendors can access, update and manage their food catalog on the website. Also, monitor customer's orders via notifications.

Why choose AflobExpress?

With a well-detailed plan targeted at reaching about fifteen thousand (15,000) people per month, our VENDORS can be rest assured that joining us will give them an increase in percentage of sales and customers.

We have an easily accessible platform that brings together a wide range of vendors making available tasty varieties of dishes. Our CUSTOMERS can order the meal they love from their favorite vendors on this platform while maintaining each vendor’s originality.

By offering a web community of vendors and customers, it is our mission to bring all food consumers and their favorite vendors into one umbrella by keeping our VENDORS in constant business and providing our CUSTOMERS with the meal they love.